Vehicle Concepts

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Head of focal point 1: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Busse

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Focal Point 1: Vehicle Concepts

Vehicle concepts

Vehicle Concepts deal with the development of customized modules for electric vehicles and with their capability of integration. To be adapted for electric drives, the module weight has to be minimized (lightweight). Thus, the modified weight distribution in electric vehicles (compared to conventionally driven vehicles) in case of crash have to be considered. In this context, a light weight crash-safe integration of modular energy storage systems in the car body is imperatively necessary. Sophisticated material solutions and advanced shape forming concepts for wheelhub motors contribute to enable the integration of electric motors close to the wheels and sets a corner stone for common vehicle concepts.The favorable approach to achieve all this is a lightweight concept taking into account wheelhub motors and modular battery systems, if applicable, with change options. These targets are treated in four interconnected work packages:

  • Wheelhub motors with high energy density
  • Light-weight and crash safe battery housing 
  • Exchange of batteries (concept study for maintenance and service systems)
  • Full vehicle dynamometer and build up of a center of excellence