System Integration and Socio-Economic Aspects

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Ansprechpartner für dieses Arbeitsfeld: Prof. Dr. Martin Wietschel

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Focal Point 4: System Integration and Socio - Economic Aspects

Demonstrators individual traffic and ÖPVN

To realize a full system integration of components and subsystems, Fraunhofer is working on the development of two demonstrator vehicles - on the one hand side a passenger car and on the other hand side a hybrid vehicle for public urban transport. This aim s at the demonstration and presentation of technology development. Furthermore, provision of a suitable basis for tests of technology innovations and the establishment of a development and service centre for “full vehicle test rigs” are important purposes.
Secondly, socio-economic aspects of an electromobile future have to be discussed and realistic scenarios have to be derived. Socio-economic integration of Electromobility deals with three prior aspects:

  • Build-up of a communication platform:
    The platform will include a demonstration centre for Electromobility, a business-to-business communication concept and communication concepts for further stakeholders in the field of politics, science and society.
  • Analyses of different concepts for implementation of Electromobility:
    The analyses deal with the complete spectrum of conceivable applications, from electric bikes up to transportation of goods. The studies also include acceptance analyses and the consideration of environmental impacts.

  • Future value chains:
    In particular, shifting of value creation will be analyzed and the consequences will be evaluated. Furthermore, new business cases in the B2B sector will be developed.